What can RDM do for resolving the Issues of your company?

1) How much was spent in R&D? How many new products produced? Was the money used in a right way?
2) In case of the turnover of technical personnel, could you cope with the impact caused by the solid knowledge base of your company?
3) Products release-date is always delayed,but why, paradoxically, there seem to be lots of R&D personnel idling there?
4) How to quantitatively assess the R&D projects and personnel performance?Lack of data when doing so?
5) Are you clear about what R&D people are really doing? Any key information hidden from you?
6) Equal importance should be laid to management of the Vertical (department) and Horizontal (project) lines of R&D to avoid negligence of persons in general project management software and PLM(product life management software) and realize centralized management of projects and persons.
7) Do your employees have the professional habits of keeping daily work records and summarizing accordingly?
8) Can your company deal with your Documents management, Requirements management, Review management, Bugs management, Report customization, efficiently, effectively, transparently and timely?

Key Features and values of RDM

Features Values
R&D Project Management 01. Schedule Management
02. Status Management
03. Issue Management
04. Risk Management
05. Bug Management
06. Document Management
07. Review Management
08. Requirement Management
09. Work log
10.Project Report
11.Project track
12.Task Management
13.Communication Management
14.Cost Management
15.Change Management
16.Knowledge Management
17.Team Management
18.Program Management
19. Equipment management
20. Meeting management
21. Cross-project plan and task coordination
22. Resource forecast
1. Through the project dashboard real all-round real-time monitoring of the project,存款送彩金:(By people, mandate, stage, plan, quality, risk, Issues, requirements, bugs, cost, etc.),Achieve multi-dimensional perspective of the Projects running status; all projects are in control of the project manager;
2.Multi-project report can be generated automatically;
3.Through layering and grading program management, collaborative R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, Services in various functional areas of R & D project activities;
4 Amazing experience to ease of use, three-step realization of any function.
R&D Department Management 1. Cross-project predictive analysis of staff
2. Analysis on use efficiency of department staff
3. Management of department resource pool
4. Department Workroom
5. Comprehensive analysis on department tasks and bills
6. Management of department plans and tasks
7. Management of department meetings
8. Management of department equipments
9. Personal dashboard
1. Predictive analysis on work loads of staff for a perspective view of future load state and prevention of inequality;
2. Integrated management of persons, properties and materials for R&D, automatic accounting of expenses on meetings and equipments to project;
3. Decentralized management of department plans, to completely resolve the situation of unequal importance on R&D management
4. Flexible define personal dash board of R&D personal, to realize automatic summarization of personal objective performance data, and finally to put an end to “racking the brains” on performance appraisal.
Product Management 1. Product Portfolio Management
2. Product Planning Management
1.Support multidimensional product portfolio analysis, (by sector, market segment, product type, etc.), definition of personalized product portfolio analysis;
2.Full support product management(attributes, categories, operating page, statistical view of the lifecycle, processes, atomic-scalerole permissions to control, etc. a full range of self-defined product).
R&D Performance Management 1. Quantitative assessment of R & D
2. Personal Performance
3. Project Performance
4. Performance PK
5. R&D KPI Database
6.Staff-Qualifications Management
1. Achieve the quantitative assessment of R&D performance, auto-summary performance of each employee's R & D objective data, to avoid racking our brains;
2. Achieve full e-flow to performance management process ;
3. Provides Nearly 40 KPI items of industry's best R&D dictionary, suitable for companies in different stages of development company’s assessment needs;
4. Provide staff management skills database and qualifications.
R&D Resource Management 1. Work-hour Statistics
2. Workload Statistics
3. Resource load statistics
4.Multi-dimensional Statistical Analysis
5.Personnel/Financial/Material Management
6.Resource Prediction and Early Warning
7 Equipment resource usage analysis
1. Multi-dimensional (by company, by department, by project, by post, by financial subjects, by person, by stages, by time-period) of the R&D resources statistics, real-time insight into R&D resources of the supply and use of state;
2. Using financial data to show the use of state R&D resources for future resource needs forecasting and early warning
3. Identification the "Idle" employees to avoid the busy uneven;
4. Make employees change from passive task acceptance becomes active apply for new tasks;
5. Make supervisor Charge from the "populist" to "Apply to fight".
R&D Knowledge Management 1. Scenario-based Knowledge Management
2. R&D Processes and Templates
3. Review Checklist
4. The best Practice processes of industries
5. Precipitation and Sharing of Knowledge
1. Achieved nearly 20 types of the industry's best e-business(Product Development, Technology Development, Requirement Management, Bug Management, Document Management, Review Management, Issue Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Equipment Management, Meeting Management, Product Release Management, Baseline Management, Material Certification Management), and the process could be customized according to the company’s customizing configuration and addition;
2.Seamless knowledge and task, then tell the staff task and automatically provide related knowledge (template, instruction, checklist, Training material, etc.), Completely solve the knowledge and use of mismatch problem.
Customize 1. Business Report Customize
2. Business Process Customize
3. Business Entity Customize
4. Role Authority Customize
5. Mail Notice Customize
6. Organization Customize
7. Operating Portal Style Customize
8. Operating View Customize
9. Five-Level Secondary Development System
1.All report, process, view, page, role, permission, organization, attribute can be customized;
2.Five-Level Secondary Development System (Function plugin, WebService, process of collaboration, operating hooks, API), users can achieve any desired function, and integration, cross or fusion with other information systems (such as PDM/PLM, ERP, CRM, OA, etc.);
3.Supports all major databases (Oracle, SQL, mySql, etc.), browser(IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, 360, TT, etc.), application server(Weblogic、Tomcat, etc.).

List of features:

      Core business modules(BM)    Personalized support module(SM)
BM1 The project management module BM1 Process engine
BM2 The departments management module BM2 Entity engine
BM3 The performance management module BM3 The permissions engine
BM4 Resource management module BM4 Reporting engine
BM5 The quality management module BM5 Personalized organizational the definition of
BM6 Document management module BM6 Role permissions of the personalized
BM7 Market demand management module BM7 Personalized process configuration
BM8 The defect management module BM8 Personalized operation configuration
BM9 Knowledge management module BM9 Personalized page definition
BM10 Work log management BM10 The intelligent statements of personalized
BM11 System maintenance and management BM11 Personalization features extended